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Rachel Nicole Smith • Art Director




Keep Them Real



The topic of conservation is like beating a dead horse.  And given the nature of things, that's
not what WWF is going for.

Insight & Strategy

We can only imagine what the Dodo Bird or Giant Sloth looked like.  If we let more wildlife become extinct, we'll be using our imaginations to picture tigers and elephants, too.

The Keep Them Real campaign uses our imaginations to inspire conservation through print ads and a coloring book.




The ads are printed on clear material so the disappearing animals are even more invisible (but more noticeable).


Coloring book

The Keep Them Real adult coloring book features fantastical illustrations of endangered animals.  Pages can be pulled out and framed, as well as be promoted on the WWF website and Instagram if posted on social media using #KeepThemReal.

Illustration and art direction by me